ave atque vale.

"I have to fight," said Alec. "but that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it? You’re part of the fight just as much as the Shadowhunters on the ship—and I know you can take some of my strength, I’ve heard of warlocks doing that—so I’m offering. Take it. It’s yours." [x]

"I’m Magnus Bane," He went on in a soothing tone, stretching out his ringed hands. Blue sparks had began to dance between them like bioluminescence dancing in water.  "I’m the warlock who’s here to cure you. Didn’t they tell you I was coming?"
“I know who you are, but…” Maia looked dazed. “You look so… so… shiny.”
Alec made a noise that sounded very much like a laugh stifled by a cough.

Suddenly my eyes are open,
Everything comes into focus,
We are all illuminated

"In a hundred, two hundred, years, it’ll be just you and me." Magnus regarded Simon thoughtfully. "We’ll be all that’s left."

“Is that why you didn’t call me? Because I’m an idiot?”
“No. I didn’t call you because I’m tired of you only wanting me around when you need something. I’m tired of watching you be in love with someone else—someone, incidentally, who will never love you back. Not the way I do.”
You love me?”
You stupid Nephilim,” Magnus said patiently.

© hawtornes