“You’re being childish, Alexander.” There had been a long, suffocating silence and Magnus had fought the need to break it for as long as he possible could now. His gaze moved from the stubborn shadowhunter, staring him down across the table, to his almost empty coffee cup. With only a simple hand gesture, the mug was once again filled with a steaming coffee. Giving him an excellent excuse to concentrate on something other than Alec.  But in the corner of his eye, Magnus noticed the other boy move in his seat.  Knowing him, which the warlock like to think he did by now, he was fighting the urge to snap something about being too lazy to get up and get his coffee like a normal person. His lips curled into a smile before moving the coffee mug up to cover them.  Then Alec finally gave up on his silent treatment, repeating the same sentence he been saying for the last half an hour  ”Just give it to me”.  Now this time it sounded more like a plea then a demand. Still, not wanting to seem weak or give up to easily, Magnus turned his attention back to the coffee. He took his time before putting the small metal like iron figure on the monopoly board. “Fine, you have it”  He said after finally giving in, shaking his head as the other boy looks at the figure with a pleased facial expression.  Magnus pressing his palms against his eyes, twined his fingers into his hair, and mumbled “Small things amuse small minds”.  Before he could regret it, the small iron shaped figure was thrown at him from across the table, aimed perfectly to hit between his eyes.

(Source: mlightwood)

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